Traveling is one of my favorite things because I believe that the Earth is an amazing place. I love meeting new people and learning about how they live. I have a lot of places on my list, but I call the San Francisco Bay Area home. While I'm home, I love to take advantage of everything that this awesome area has to offer. Just like the song, I always feel like I leave my heart in San Francisco whenever I travel. It's still one of my favorite cities and I'm always happy to come home to this beautiful area. Of course, I'm always planning my next trip and hope to visit as many places as possible!


That's me - third from the right - at Everest Base Camp! Yes, it really does say 17,598 ft on that sign and I worked hard for all those feet! Several years ago, I made trying new things my New Year's Resolution and it's stuck ever since. I'm always looking for my next adventure and learning opportunity. I knew that I wanted to visit Nepal and see the Himalayas, so I trained hard leading up to this trip.  I wanted to not just see Everest with my own two eyes (pictured behind me in the last photo), but stand at its famous Base Camp. And I did! If you're considering a trip, I highly recommend it!


I started swimming when I was very young and I've always felt comfortable in the water. A few years ago, I got my scuba diving certification and I can't believe I waited so long! If you've ever dreamed of exploring an alien land or flying, I've got news for you - you can and you don't even have to leave Earth to do it! It's a privledge to be able to dive in the ocean and be near so many amazing creatures - especially sharks, which are my favorite!


I love science, so when the show Mythbusters got started I was instantly a big fan. The fact that it was filmed locally was a bonus, especially when they needed volunteers for the zombie special. Being a volunteer Mythbuster for the day is still one of my favorite things I have ever done! The first time, I helped the build team (pictured with me in the first photo) with their myths. Then, I got invited back for the zombie revisit with Jamie and Adam and got to spend three more days volunteering with them and their awesome crew!

Do I look scary? I did my zombie make up myself!


I love events! Back in 2014, I decided to put on my first surprise party. Since then, I've been involved with several different types of events - both surprise and not, so I decided to start my own events company, Robyn Diane Events. I do everything from birthday parties to showers and weddings, to corporate events and conferences. I also help plan Rancho Obi-wan's annual fundraising gala.


It's true, those who are close to me will tell you, I am a strawberry connoisseur. I love strawberries and often eat them by the pound. Strawberries are my favorite fruit and as I eat a lot of them, I have come to learn a few things about them over the years. The first thing is that the more fragrant the strawberry, the better the taste. Second, strawberries are a low sugar fruit; one cup of strawberries is only seven grams of sugar. Finally, you shouldn't just cut off the top as that wastes a lot of fruit! Instead, use your pairing knife to circle around the hull as explained here.

I write more about my love of fruit on my blog, robyn.ninja.

Robyn Norgan Strawberry Connoisseur

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